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Impact of deep subglacial groundwater on ice stream flow in West Antarctica (IGIS) 项目
项目编号:NE/R010838/1; 经费:610107(GBP); 起止日期:2021 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Bernd Kulessa
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An integrated geophysics cruise to map the northern edge in the Chukchi Borderland and the adjacent Canada Basin - constraints on basin history and crustal structure 项目
项目编号:1916575; 经费:1237134(USD); 起止日期:2021 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Bernard Coakley (Principal Investigator)
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EAGER: Navigating Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) at the Ice-water Boundary 项目
项目编号:1945924; 经费:293134(USD); 起止日期:2020 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Mingxi Zhou (Principal Investigator)
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FDSS: Faculty Development in a Multifaceted Geospace Program at West Virginia University 项目
项目编号:1936251; 经费:191801(USD); 起止日期:2020 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Paul Cassak (Principal Investigator)
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INFEWS / T1: Social and biophysical models to integrate local food systems, climate dynamics, built forms, and environmental impacts in the urban FEWS nexus 项目
项目编号:1855902; 经费:1386810(USD); 起止日期:2020 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Janette Thompson (Principal Investigator)
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EAR-PF: Controls on weathering, solute fluxes, and geologic carbon cycling in glacierized catchments 项目
项目编号:1855283; 经费:87000(USD); 起止日期:2020 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Anna Bergstrom (Principal Investigator)
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Chemistry of Atmospheric Aerosols at Pacifichem 2020 Congress; Honolulu, Hawaii; December 15-20, 2020 项目
项目编号:1936123; 经费:24724(USD); 起止日期:2020 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Sergey Nizkorodov (Principal Investigator)
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Collaborative Research: Geological constraints on the disappearance of the Laurentide Ice Sheet 项目
项目编号:1927153; 经费:274984(USD); 起止日期:2020 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Gifford Miller (Principal Investigator)
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Collaborative Research: Geological constraints on the disappearance of the Laurentide Ice Sheet 项目
项目编号:1927148; 经费:551997(USD); 起止日期:2020 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Nicolas Young (Principal Investigator)
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Collaborative Research: RUI: Combined spatial and temporal analyses of population connectivity during a northern range expansion 项目
项目编号:1924505; 经费:410896(USD); 起止日期:2020 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Mark Christie (Principal Investigator)
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