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美研究分析政策驱动的美国森林碳固存变化 快报文章
Authors:  裴惠娟
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United States  Forest Management  Carbon Sequestration  
美国斯坦福法学院针对测量美国林业实践的碳效益提出建议 快报文章
Authors:  裴惠娟
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Forestry Practices  Carbon Benefits  
主要经济体能源和气候论坛领导人会议确定实现温控目标的4个关键领域 快报文章
Authors:  秦冰雪
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Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate  Climate Action  Key Areas  
选择性清除藤本植物有利于提高森林的碳固存量和木材产量 快报文章
Authors:  裴惠娟
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Forest  Liana  Carbon Sequestration  
研究发现至2100年欧盟森林碳汇潜力将大幅降低 快报文章
Authors:  裴惠娟
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European  Forest  Carbon Budget  
Fluxes, patterns and sources of phosphorus deposition in an urban-rural transition region in Southwest China 期刊论文
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2022
Authors:  Yuanyuan Chen, Jiang Liu, Jiangyou Ran, Rong Huang, Xuesong Gao, Wei Zhou, Ting Lan, Dinghua Ou, Yan He, Yalan Xiong, Ling Luo, Lu Wang, and Ouping Deng
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We need to rethink natural solutions for climate mitigation 新闻
来源平台:Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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Order Your 2022 Earth Science Week Toolkit Today 新闻
来源平台:American Geosciences Institute. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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Bears, chimpanzees and pangolins to be better protected after new funding boost for world’s most endangered animals 新闻
来源平台:Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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Beech Bark Disease 新闻
来源平台:Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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