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UNFCCC发布国家自主贡献相关的两份报告 快报文章
Authors:  刘莉娜
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Nationally Determined Contributions  Paris Agreement  Low-Emission  Development Strategies  
英国发布第三次国家气候变化适应计划 快报文章
Authors:  廖琴
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National Adaptation Programme  Climate Change Adaptation  UK  
德国环境署提出通过碳市场促进转型变革 快报文章
Authors:  刘莉娜
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Paris Agreement  Carbon markets  Transformational change  NDCs  
Central banks have been too slow in responding to higher inflation 新闻
来源平台:Bruegel. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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City heat extremes 新闻
来源平台:European Space Agency. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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Private finance: the G7’s last challenge in phasing out coal... 新闻
来源平台:E3G. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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Private finance: the G7’s last challenge in phasing out coal finance 科技报告
来源:E3G. 出版年: 2022
Authors:  Ysanne Choksey
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Gender-Differentiated Determinants of Rice Farmers' Choice of Strategies to Adapt to Salinity Intrusion in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam 科技报告
来源:Environment for Development Initiative. 出版年: 2022
Authors:  Hoa Le Dang;  Thuyen Thi Pham;  Nhung Thi Hong Pham;  Nam Khanh Pham
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Improving early warnings in the Caribbean, Pacific and Southeast Asia 新闻
来源平台:world meteorological organization (wmo). 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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New paper shows potential for safe storage of CO2 offshore 新闻
来源平台:National Oceanography Centre. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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