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北美最大商业规模直接锂提取设备通过性能测试 快报文章
Authors:  刘学
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Lithium  DLE  
美国能源部公布下一代地热发电路线图 快报文章
Authors:  廖 琴
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Next-Generation Geothermal  Commercial Scale  Enhanced Geothermal Systems  
Plans to bolster UK energy security set to become law 新闻
来源平台:Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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Private finance: the G7’s last challenge in phasing out coal... 新闻
来源平台:E3G. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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Private finance: the G7’s last challenge in phasing out coal finance 科技报告
来源:E3G. 出版年: 2022
Authors:  Ysanne Choksey
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17 major concrete-consuming businesses pledge to use 100% net-zero concrete by 2050 新闻
来源平台:World Business Council for Sustainable Development. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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Geoscience Australia to undertake Earthquake Risk Assessment in northern Papua New Guinea 新闻
来源平台:Geoscience Australia. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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Ambitious new collaborations will investigate biggest UK environmental challenges 新闻
来源平台:National Oceanography Centre. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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Waste criminals fined a combined £1,440 after depositing waste at illegal sites 新闻
来源平台:UK Environment Agency. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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Imperial and The World Bank aim to unlock investment for just energy transition 新闻
来源平台:Imperial College London. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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