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南极洲西部冰川从20世纪40年代开始显著退缩 快报文章
Authors:  魏艳红
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West Antarctica  Thwaites Glacier  Ice Loss  
研究表明破纪录的“大气河流”引发东南极洲极端热浪 快报文章
Authors:  魏艳红
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Antarctica  Extreme Heatwave  Atmospheric River  
英国研究表明超过40%的南极洲冰架体积缩小 快报文章
Authors:  魏艳红
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Antarctica's Ice Shelves  Ice Loss  Global Ocean Circulation  
科学家提出南极化学污染研究和监测的优先事项 快报文章
Authors:  廖 琴
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Antarctica  Persistent Organic Chemicals  Priority Actions  
研究人员创建首个涵盖整个南极洲的详细地质地图数据集 快报文章
Authors:  刘学
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Antarctica  atmosphere  climate  
气候变化是影响南极洲西部冰盖退缩速度的关键因素 快报文章
Authors:  董利苹
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Inter-decadal Climate Variability  Ice Response  West Antarctica  
Fiber Optic Sensing Detects Tremor from Icelandic Subglacial Volcano 新闻
来源平台:Seismological Society of America. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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On the fingerprint of the Antarctica ozone hole in ice core nitrate isotopes: a case study based on a South Pole ice core 期刊论文
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2022
Authors:  Yanzhi Cao, Zhuang Jiang, Becky Alexander, Jihong Cole-Dai, Joel Savarino, Joseph Erbland, and Lei Geng
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Supercooled liquid water clouds observed over Dome C, Antarctica: temperature sensitivity and surface radiation impact 期刊论文
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2022
Authors:  Philippe Ricaud, Massimo Del Guasta, Angelo Lupi, Romain Roehrig, Eric Bazile, Pierre Durand, Jean-Luc Attié, Alessia Nicosia, and Paolo Grigioni
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Antarctic glaciers losing ice at fastest rate for 5,500 years, finds study 新闻
来源平台:Imperial College London. 发布日期:2022
Authors:  admin
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