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Detection and Attribution of Regional greenhouse gas Emissions in the UK (DARE-UK) 项目
项目编号:NE/S003606/1; 经费:71263(GBP); 起止日期:2019 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Andrew Watson
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Southern OceaN optimal Approach To Assess the carbon state, variability and climatic Drivers (SONATA) 项目
项目编号:NE/P021298/1; 起止日期:2017 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Andrew Watson
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Transient tracer-based Investigation of Circulation and Thermal Ocean Change (TICTOC) 项目
项目编号:NE/P019064/1; 起止日期:2017 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Andrew Watson
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Calibrated pCO2 in air and surface ocean Sensor for ASVs (CaPASOS) 项目
项目编号:NE/P020755/1; 起止日期:2017 / dc_date_end
Leaders:  Andrew Watson
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