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国际研究提出根据排放清单调整气候情景会改变全球基准 快报文章
Authors:  刘淳森 刘莉娜
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Emissions Inventories  Climate Scenario  Global Benchmark  
农业池塘的甲烷排放量比国家温室气体清单数据量高一倍 快报文章
Authors:  秦冰雪
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National Greenhouse Gas Inventories  Methane Emissions  Agricultural Ponds  
Using Space-Based Observations and Lagrangian Modeling to Evaluate Urban Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the Middle East 期刊论文
Authors:  Yang, Emily G.;  Kort, Eric A.;  Wu, Dien;  Lin, John C.;  Oda, Tomohiro;  Ye, Xinxin;  Lauvaux, Thomas
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carbon dioxide  emissions inventories  urban  Middle East  satellite  Lagrangian modeling  
The methane footprint of nations: Stylized facts from a global panel dataset 期刊论文
Authors:  Fernandez-Amador, Octavio;  Francois, Joseph F.;  Oberdabernig, Doris A.;  Tomberger, Patrick
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Methane emissions  MRIO analysis  Production-based inventories  Methane footprints  Decomposition analysis  Emissions embodied in trade  
Preindustrial (CH4)-C-14 indicates greater anthropogenic fossil CH4 emissions 期刊论文
NATURE, 2020, 578 (7795) : 409-+
Authors:  Keener, Megan;  Hunt, Camden;  Carroll, Timothy G.;  Kampel, Vladimir;  Dobrovetsky, Roman;  Hayton, Trevor W.;  Menard, Gabriel
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Atmospheric methane (CH4) is a potent greenhouse gas, and its mole fraction has more than doubled since the preindustrial era(1). Fossil fuel extraction and use are among the largest anthropogenic sources of CH4 emissions, but the precise magnitude of these contributions is a subject of debate(2,3). Carbon-14 in CH4 ((CH4)-C-14) can be used to distinguish between fossil (C-14-free) CH4 emissions and contemporaneous biogenic sources  however, poorly constrained direct (CH4)-C-14 emissions from nuclear reactors have complicated this approach since the middle of the 20th century(4,5). Moreover, the partitioning of total fossil CH4 emissions (presently 172 to 195 teragrams CH4 per year)(2,3) between anthropogenic and natural geological sources (such as seeps and mud volcanoes) is under debate  emission inventories suggest that the latter account for about 40 to 60 teragrams CH4 per year(6,7). Geological emissions were less than 15.4 teragrams CH4 per year at the end of the Pleistocene, about 11,600 years ago(8), but that period is an imperfect analogue for present-day emissions owing to the large terrestrial ice sheet cover, lower sea level and extensive permafrost. Here we use preindustrial-era ice core (CH4)-C-14 measurements to show that natural geological CH4 emissions to the atmosphere were about 1.6 teragrams CH4 per year, with a maximum of 5.4 teragrams CH4 per year (95 per cent confidence limit)-an order of magnitude lower than the currently used estimates. This result indicates that anthropogenic fossil CH4 emissions are underestimated by about 38 to 58 teragrams CH4 per year, or about 25 to 40 per cent of recent estimates. Our record highlights the human impact on the atmosphere and climate, provides a firm target for inventories of the global CH4 budget, and will help to inform strategies for targeted emission reductions(9,10).

Isotopic evidence from ice cores indicates that preindustrial-era geological methane emissions were lower than previously thought, suggesting that present-day emissions of methane from fossil fuels are underestimated.

Identifying and evaluating urban mercury emission sources through passive sampler-based mapping of atmospheric concentration 期刊论文
Authors:  McLagan, David S.;  Hussain, Batual Abdul;  Huang, Haiyong;  Lei, Ying D.;  Wania, Frank;  Mitchell, Carl P. J.
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atmospheric mercury  passive sampling  community science  empirical Bayesian kriging  geospatial interpolation mapping  fugitive emissions  emissions inventories  
Uncertainties in emissions estimates of greenhouse gases and air pollutants in India and their impacts on regional air quality 期刊论文
Authors:  Saikawa, Eri;  Trail, Marcus;  Zhong, Min;  Wu, Qianru;  Young, Cindy L.;  Janssens-Maenhout, Greet;  Klimont, Zbigniew;  Wagner, Fabian;  Kurokawa, Jun-ichi;  Nagpure, Ajay Singh;  Gurjar, Bhola Ram
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emissions  India  air pollution  carbon dioxide  inventories  
Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Economic Growth: An Assessment Based CrossMark on Production and Consumption Emission Inventories 期刊论文
Authors:  Fernandez-Amador, Octavio;  Francois, Joseph F.;  Oberdabernig, Doris A.;  Tomberger, Patrick
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Economic development  CO2 emissions  Production-based inventories  Carbon footprint  Income-elasticity  Environmental Kuznets curve  Threshold estimation  
Walking the Talk--Lessons from Adaptation Pilots in the Rainfed Regions of India 科技报告
来源:World Resources Institute (WRI). 出版年: 2015
Authors:  [null]
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corporate sustainability  emissions inventories  GHG emissions  greenhouse gas accounting  sustainability initiative  sustainability reporting  
Guide for Designing Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Programs 科技报告
来源:World Resources Institute (WRI). 出版年: 2015
Authors:  Neelam Singh;  Kathryn Bacher;  Ranping Song;  Mary Elizabeth Sotos;  Lei Yin
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emissions  emissions inventories  GHG  GHG emissions  MRV