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An uncertainty approach to estimate recoverable reserves from the Bakken petroleum system in the North Dakota part of the Williston Basin 期刊论文
AAPG BULLETIN, 2019, 103 (10) : 2295-2315
Authors:  Theloy, Cosima;  Leonard, Jay E.;  Smith, Sarah C.
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Future directions in basin and petroleum systems modeling: A survey of the community 期刊论文
AAPG BULLETIN, 2019, 103 (10) : 2285-2293
Authors:  Curry, David J.
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Does "100% renewable" trump concern for spatial impacts? 期刊论文
ENERGY POLICY, 2019, 130: 304-310
Authors:  Herendeen, Robert
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Renewable energy  Spatial impact  Net-zero energy  Sustainability  Efficiency  Carrying capacity  
Sufficiency and consumer behaviour: From theory to policy 期刊论文
ENERGY POLICY, 2019, 129: 1070-1079
Authors:  Spangenberg, Joachim H.;  Lorek, Sylvia
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Sufficiency  Theory of planned behaviour TPB  Social practice theory SPT  Prism of sustainable consumption  Sufficiency policy options  Dimensions of affordability  
Policies on water resources assessment of coastal nuclear power plants in China 期刊论文
ENERGY POLICY, 2019, 128: 170-178
Authors:  Ding, Xiaowen;  Tian, Wei;  Chen, Qingwei;  Wei, Guoliang
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Coastal nuclear power plants  Water resources assessment  Guideline  
Energy performance certificates - New opportunities for data-enabled urban energy policy instruments? 期刊论文
ENERGY POLICY, 2019, 127: 486-499
Authors:  Pasichnyi, Oleksii;  Wallin, Jorgen;  Levihn, Fabian;  Shahrokni, Hossein;  Kordas, Olga
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Energy performance certificate (EPC)  Building energy efficiency  Data applications  Data quality  Sweden  
From fossil fuels to renewables: An analysis of long-term scenarios considering technological learning 期刊论文
ENERGY POLICY, 2019, 127: 134-146
Authors:  Handayani, Kamia;  Krozer, Yoram;  Filatova, Tatiana
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Renewable energy  Technological learning  LEAP  Climate change mitigation  Indonesia  
Energy-environment-economy nexus in Pakistan: Lessons from a PAK-TIMES model 期刊论文
ENERGY POLICY, 2019, 126: 200-211
Authors:  Rehman, Syed Aziz Ur;  Cai, Yanpeng;  Mirjat, Nayyar Hussain;  Das Walasai, Gordhan;  Nafees, Mohammad
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ANSWER-TIMES  Coal  Electricity  Nexus  Pakistan  Pak-TIMES  
Energy sufficiency through social innovation in housing 期刊论文
ENERGY POLICY, 2019, 126: 287-294
Authors:  Lorek, Sylvia;  Spangenberg, Joachim H.
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Energy consumption  Households  Social innovation  Sufficiency  
Greener, more integrated, and less volatile? A quantile regression analysis of Italian wholesale electricity prices 期刊论文
ENERGY POLICY, 2019, 126: 452-469
Authors:  Sapio, Alessandro
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Electricity prices  Renewables  Merit order effect  Market integration  Quantile regression  Volatility